• Simplex FM 146.520 / W5SH FM 146.840- 110.9

10-15 North Central Texas Simplex net

Propagation was weird tonight. Some stations were super loud and clear and others… I don’t know. Was a very weird evening. As always, click the pin to see details about that station or click the icon in the top left of the map to see all stations.

10-08 North Central Texas Simplex Net

The wiggles must have been working a little better tonight. Seems like I heard a lot more stations than I normally do. As always, click the markers to see more information, or click the icon in the top left corner to show the whole list.

10-01 North Central Texas Simplex Net

Kind of an interesting night, propagation wise. Heard some folks I usually can’t hear and couldn’t hear some I almost always hear. Weird. As a reminder, click the map pins to see my comments. Click the icon next to “10-01 Simplex Net” to show a list of all stations.