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Where have you been?!

Hey radio fam!

It’s been (weirdly enough) exactly 1 year since I’ve written anything or had my website up. So where have I been? It’s a long, hatred filled story about Spectrum Internet providers and how I had to rebuild everything in my personal server. So for several months, I just let it lie there. Frustrated beyond belief. Tired. Nerd brain broken.

And then motivation hit me to start messing with the public facing LAMP stacks and get them working again? “Why now, Jason,” you may ask and the answer is simple… I was asked by a worthy cause to build another LAMP stack for them to have a website and official webmail on the cheap and lightweight. I’d never been more invigorated to get to work.

So a few days later, I get that server up and running great. And I decided I should get my N5TXL website back up as well. So I jumped back in and worked out the kinks and now….


I can’t wait to get back into the groove and share the radio-ing world from my point of view.

Have fun and 73s!

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