• Simplex FM 146.520 / W5SH FM 146.840- 110.9
Guide: Texas QSO Party

Guide: Texas QSO Party

This is current for the 2023 Texas QSO Party.

A quick review of the rules:

1) Valid bands: Any except 60m, 30m, 17m, and 12m.
2) Valid modes: CW, Phone, Digital
3) Repeaters are not allowed
4) 1 QSO = station per mode per band
5) All logs MUST be submitted within 1 week
6) Hours: Saturday 9am-9pm Sunday 9am-3pm
7) EXCHANGE: Outside Texas: RST/State // Inside Texas: RST/CountyCode (Cleburne State Park will be JOHN)
8) Max Power: 150watts (per Multiple Operator low power rules)

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