• Simplex FM 146.520 / W5SH FM 146.840- 110.9


This is a fun page where I may document that we’ve chatted before. It’s not my full logbook and only meant for fun.

KK5LX04-25-20210100 UTC146.520 SimplexMet Mike via a CQ call on 2meters in Fort Smith while visiting family. Never don’t call CQ!
KI5LET04-29-20211907 UTCNCTC RepeaterTopp was driving and I was bored. 🙂 Good chat on the NCTC repeater system
N5ZTW05-05-20212215 UTCNCTC RepeaterBill from Stephenville. Told him about my VGC radio and sent him to the blog
KE5ZQW05-07-20210600 UTC145.330 RepeaterHere’s to the late night folks on the ol 33! Tracy was dog tired and headed home for some rest.
W5NIG05-19-20210420 UTC146.940 RepearterGreat late night chat with Mike! Looking forward to getting someone else into satellite work.
W7QL05-21-2021ARISS RepeaterFirst ever confirmed contact via the ARISS repeater system onboard the Intl Space Station!
WX5T05-21-2021ARISS RepeaterAnother great contact on the ARISS repeater just after W7QL.
N3XQX06-23-20210204 UTC146.520 SimplexGot to chat with Greg as he FLEW over DFW. Thanks for the first airborne contact!! 73s!