• Simplex FM 146.520 / W5SH FM 146.840- 110.9

08-27 North Central Texas Simplex Net

Good net tonight with tough conditions. Seemed like everyone was struggling a little bit. Stations to my south, there’s a house between you and my antenna. Hopefully will get that resolved soon with some extra height added in. Report below.

CallsignSignal ReportRemarks
W5LTZGreenFresh upgrade to General! Congrats!!
W5BNKGreenSome minor noise
KG5SQLGreenVery clear
K5DCYellowLots of noise but able to copy
KI5NXRGreanClear signal
KC5HHRN/ANo answer
KF5VBLRedNothing heard
KI5LETRedBreaks the squelch but only noise
KJ5UFN/ANo Answer
WD5MGreenStrong and clear
W5VGZRedVoice heard, but too far in the noise to make out message
N9BAVYellowLots of noise but able to copy
KI5HXKGreenA little noise
W5ICKGrenStrong and clear
KB5WBGreenClear from Fort Worth?? I think?
K5WXYRedSquelch opens, but only noise
KI5HGTN/ANo Answer
WC5WCRedBreaks squelch intermittently, but no voice heard
WA5NBPRedNo copy
KF5YIVRedNo copy
K5ESVYellowVery noisy but able to copy
KI5NYBRedNo copy
W5MLDRedNo copy
W5KBTRedOpens squelch, but only noise heard
KI5NXNRedNo Copy
N5FPDGreenStrong & Clear
KB5YBIYellowNoisy but able to copy
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